Lowest Completed Innings Scores
All Matches, All Grades, Blagdon, 24-Apr-2016 to 03-Sep-2016
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Result
1 Blagdon Blagdon 27-Aug-2016 Frys Blagdon 2nd XI League 63-8
2 Blagdon Blagdon 01-Jun-2016 Claverham Claverham 20 Over Cup 72-10
3 Blagdon Blagdon 09-Jul-2016 Old Bristolians West Blagdon 2nd XI League 75-10
4 Blagdon Blagdon 14-May-2016 Clevedon Clevedon 1st XI League 83-10
5 Blagdon Blagdon 18-Jun-2016 Downend Blagdon 2nd XI League 86-10
6 Blagdon Blagdon 23-Jul-2016 Churchways Blagdon 2nd XI League 89-10
7 Blagdon Blagdon 02-Jul-2016 Knowle Knowle 1st XI League 94-10
8 Blagdon Blagdon 28-May-2016 Bedminster Blagdon 2nd XI League 117-10
9 Blagdon Blagdon 16-Jul-2016 Frampton Cotterell Frampton Cotterell 2nd XI League 117-10
10 Blagdon Blagdon 16-Jul-2016 Clevedon Blagdon 1st XI League 132-10
11 Blagdon Blagdon 28-May-2016 Coalpit Heath Coalpit Heath 1st XI League 163-10
12 Blagdon Blagdon 25-Jun-2016 Whitchurch Blagdon 1st XI League 167-10
13 Blagdon Blagdon 24-Apr-2016 Barrow Gurney Barrow Gurney Friendly 200-9
14 Blagdon Blagdon 18-Jun-2016 Brislington Brislington 1st XI League 202-10
15 Blagdon Blagdon 11-Aug-2016 Lye Lye Tour 212-10
16 Blagdon Blagdon 23-Jul-2016 Bedminster Bedminster 1st XI League 229-10
17 Blagdon Blagdon 04-Jun-2016 Frenchay Frenchay 2nd XI League 231-10
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