Honours Summary
All Matches, Blades League, Blagdon, 29-Apr-2017 to 17-Sep-2017
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average Board,J Blagdon 112.00
Highest Score Ley-Morgan,G Blagdon 117
Best Batting Strike Rate Stewart,A Blagdon 128.57
Best Batting Aggregate Ley-Morgan,G Blagdon 262
Best Bowling Average Lyons,H Blagdon 6.00
Best Bowling Economy Loughran,T Blagdon 1.75
Most Wickets Butcher,J Blagdon 12
Most Wickets in Innings Heath,F Blagdon 4-21
Most Catches Tippett,A Blagdon 7
Highest Innings Score Blagdon Blagdon 248
Lowest Innings Score Blagdon Blagdon 47
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