Honours Summary
All Matches, All Grades, Blagdon, 29-Apr-2017 to 16-Jul-2017
Statistic Name Club Figures
Best Batting Average Ley-Morgan,G Blagdon 56.40
Highest Score Ley-Morgan,G Blagdon 117
Best Batting Strike Rate Ley-Morgan,G Blagdon 103.68
Best Batting Aggregate Board,J Blagdon 500
Best Bowling Average Donovan,S Blagdon 16.17
Best Bowling Economy Butcher,J Blagdon 3.70
Most Wickets Stewart,A Blagdon 18
Most Wickets in Innings Stewart,A Blagdon 6-33
Most Catches Burroughs,A Blagdon 8
Highest Innings Score Blagdon Blagdon 248
Lowest Innings Score Blagdon Blagdon 47
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