Lowest Completed Innings Scores
All Matches, 1st XI League, Blagdon, 05-May-2018 to 01-Sep-2018
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Result
1 Blagdon Blagdon 18-Aug-2018 Failand & Portbury Failand & Portbury 1st XI League 42-10
2 Blagdon Blagdon 16-Jun-2018 Failand & Portbury Blagdon 1st XI League 79-10
3 Blagdon Blagdon 30-Jun-2018 Cleeve Cleeve 1st XI League 95-10
4 Blagdon Blagdon 28-Jul-2018 Bath Blagdon 1st XI League 105-10
5 Blagdon Blagdon 21-Jul-2018 St Mary Redcliffe St Mary Redcliffe 1st XI League 116-10
6 Blagdon Blagdon 23-Jun-2018 Lodway Blagdon 1st XI League 121-10
7 Blagdon Blagdon 01-Sep-2018 Cleeve Blagdon 1st XI League 129-10
8 Blagdon Blagdon 02-Jun-2018 Bristol West Indies Blagdon 1st XI League 150-10
9 Blagdon Blagdon 26-May-2018 Bath Bath 1st XI League 153-10
10 Blagdon Blagdon 05-May-2018 Long Ashton Blagdon 1st XI League 162-10
11 Blagdon Blagdon 25-Aug-2018 Lodway Lodway 1st XI League 182-10
12 Blagdon Blagdon 09-Jun-2018 Old Down Old Down 1st XI League 228-10
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