Highest Innings Scores
All Matches, 20 Over Cup, Blagdon, 17-May-2018 to 08-Jul-2018
# Team Club Date Opposition Ground Grade Result
1 Blagdon Blagdon 17-May-2018 Lympsham Lympsham 20 Over Cup 180-3 Closed
2 Blagdon Blagdon 20-Jun-2018 Lodway Blagdon 20 Over Cup 134-4 Closed
3 Blagdon Blagdon 06-Jun-2018 Weston Super Mare Weston Super Mare 20 Over Cup 123-5 Closed
4 Blagdon Blagdon 08-Jul-2018 Cranmore Cranmore 20 Over Cup 113-7 Closed
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